Jitsi-Meet Troubleshooting

Unfortunately Firefox has the bad behavior of basically disabling all of the traffic management available in a Jitsi-Meet conference and all attendees will receive the highest possible qualities of all active microphones + webcams.

In 1:N lecture situations this normally is not a big problem, but in a meeting with several active webcams this can be a problem.

Some Jitsi-Meet providers disallowed Firefox completely on their platform to avoid this issue, we are still allowing it since it was allowed from the beginning and people started using it that way.

If you are in a conference with a few people and have connectivity issues maybe just ask around if anyone is currently using Firefox and would be willing to switch browsers, use the electron app or even use a mobile device.

FIXME add link to electron app

In some cases the browsers have issues playing the audio of certain attendees, especially if microphone permissions are blocked.

To resolve this issue open the permissions dialog by pressing the Lock symbol in the URL bar and set Sound to Allow.